Sometimes when I click a color with the eye dropper in Photoshop CS 6, the color of a text layer in my document will change to that color. Oddly enough, this happens only one and I cannot duplicate it. I do not know how/why that happens and would love to know.

To the more pressing matter at hand: After I have designed a text layer the way I want it, I wish to use the same style on a series of other documents, I have not found anything, short of duplicating the text layer and retyping the text, that would accomplish that and I would like to ask for help with that. I wish for a text layer in another document to have the same font, size, color etc. as the one in the current document. How pls?

I believe text styles do not transfer across documents for some reason?

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Text styles do not transfer across documents, simply because they are different documents. An easy way to achieve this is to color your text layer via layer style (color overlay) and then copy the layer style to a different layer in a different document.

  • Yes, this would work, however is there any trick to pass/set text font and size from document to document?
    – lolza
    May 28, 2013 at 11:24

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