Is there a way to convert Corel Draw version 11 files to version X3 files?

I have files in Corel Draw 11 to be converted to the X3 version.

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    Did you try importing (instead of opening) the 11 file with X3? It is however posible to convert .cdr to .eps
    – Yisela
    May 29 '13 at 6:15

You simply open it in a newer version of Corel Draw, next time you save it it will be saved as this new version.

This way you preserve the layers, objects, groups, efects, etc.

I am adding this part sometime later because some people keep asking this variation: What if I do not have this new version?

If you do not have a newer version... you do not need a newer version.

I am asuming sometimes a client want a specific version. For example "the ultimate latest version".

You do not need to do anithing. He can just open the file and that is it.


It should be in menu File -> Save As if you're trying to save down:


If you are trying to save to a newer version you would have to export out as an .eps file and import that in and do a Save As.

Personally and from experience it is easier to save out as an .eps or .tiff in CorelDraw unless you are trying to use the scale options.


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