So, I decided to try freehanding a design, and I used the pencil tool. Then I was working with it. But somewhere along the line, my curve turned into a beizer guide, which I don't want and will probably never need. Then, by accident, I right-clicked and hit "Make Guides" without realizing it.

It's already been saved and closed, so there's no way I can undo it. How can I turn it back into a path?

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Make sure guides aren't locked: ViewGuidesLock Guides

Lock Guides

Select the guide, right click on it, Release Guides OR you can do Alt + Ctrl + 5 (Windows)

Release Guides

  • Thanks so much. I re-made it anyway, since it was simple, but in the future this'll be really helpful to know!
    – Codesmith
    Commented May 30, 2013 at 18:07

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