I have several smart objects I want to duplicate and preserve the layer style. However, when I modify one of the objects it also changes every copied smart object to match the modified one. Is there a way to use the shortcut Ctrl+J and another shortcut to remove the link so each smart object will have its own editable capabilities? I am trying to prevent having to copy all the layer styles and add them to each smart object. Per search the only reference I found was this but it covered how to and that is not what I need.

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At this time the only option is right click > New Smart Object via Copy but since I needed to do this several times I created a custom shortcut in Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts or Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K. To modify the New Smart Object via Copy look under Layer > SmartObject>.

NOTE: If you duplicate a folder with several of the smart objects inside it will still link all smart objects to the original copy.

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  • I've tried to duplicate via copy, but found that it relinks everything to that new .psb file. I also loose the transformations in the original smart object layer when I try to replace content. Is there a way to copy a smart object, keep its transformation/etc. properties, and have a separate .psb file that isn't linked to the other instances of the original smart object? Not sure if that needs it's own post.
    – TCDesigner
    Mar 28, 2017 at 19:16

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