I'm working on a design with layered text. I want to have a word on top of another and when I select the layer and go to arrange > bring to front it won't do it. I've tried sending the rest of the layers to the back but the design stays as if I've done nothing. I am not sure if it's a settings thing or if i'm doing something wrong.


Illustrator has two types of stacks. The Object Stack and the Layer Stack.

Each layer has an independent object stack. That object stack is localized to that layer only. Meaning, each layer has its own independent stack of objects contained on that layer which does not reference any other layer. This controls what is on top of what for the layer itself. The Bring to Front/Back commands control the object stack and not the layer stack. Therefore the Bring to Front/Back will never move objects between layers. Whenever you use the Bring To Front/Back command you are merely rearranging objects on one layer, never more than one layer.

If you wish to alter the layer stack, rather than the object stack, you must click and drag layers in the Layer Panel.


I had the same problem even though I was only using one layer. No response at all.

The solution was to exit Isolation mode. Just press Esc. You can see in your Layers panel if its activated or not.

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