My question is really brief.

What is the font used in the Western Union logo?

enter image description here


The font is Univers 85 Extra Black:

Image of Univers 85 Extra Black


Yuo can use WhatTheFont to find what the font used. If the font is not recognized you can:

  1. Align letters with Photoshop

  2. Go back to WhatTheFont and upload four file

This should give you better results. See this example.

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    @Kurt and Zantar I added the instructions in your comments to your answer. If you need to change anything you just have to click the 'Edit' button below it :) – Yisela Jun 23 '13 at 0:35

It uses the Zurich Extra Black font, If you see look close, the "T" character matches exactly with is font.

enter image description here

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