I'm trying to create a curved line with the pen tool, which I can do, but it automatically fills in the semicircle I'm trying to make. Sure, I can just set it to not fill, but when it comes times to rasterization, it fills in the semicircle automatically.

After that, it is rather hopeless I think. I tried setting Blend to Clear but then nothing will show.... All I'm trying to do is connect a curved line shape to other shapes.

I tried just making a path in pen tool and doing "combine other shapes" but that doesn't work for some reason? I am using CS6 here. How do I alleviate the problem of auto-fill after rasterization? I can use Magic Eraser tool I found out to delete the autofill after rasterization, but I'm wondering if there is a different way.

  • I tried my best to do as many weird things I could to replicate your description, but I couldn't. Could you please provide more information and maybe a screenshot. Jul 14, 2013 at 18:34

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Photoshop does not support open vector paths.

Your issue is most likely due to an open path and upon output Photoshop fills the open path creating the semi-circle. You need to draw closed shapes in Photoshop, or stroke an open path and use pixels. There's no method I'm aware of to use open paths in Photoshop, everything must be closed.

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