Can anyone help me with this problem:

I am having problem with Right-to-Left writing with the Old Turkic font.

Turkish is written with extended Latin letters left-to-right but:

Old Turkic is a Turkish variation which is written Right-to-Left, defined in

Unicode Standard 5.2 Range 10C00-10C4F (Central Asian Languages group).

I have all the Unicode fonts with this range that support both the characters codes defined by the standard and the glyphs are ok. I also use a custom designed keyboard layout designed with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Designer (MKLD).

In the design test window I can write from Right-to-Left as it should be. I can also write Right-to-Left without problems in the default Windows Notepad.

Now what heppens in Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Photoshop CS6: In Illustrator the only problem is Right-to-Left writing. But the glyphs are ok:

Screen shot of Adobe Illustrator CS6:

First Screenshot

Now when I copy paste this text to Photoshop I only see empty boxes incase of letters(glyphs):

Screen shot of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Part-1:

Second Screenshot

When I change Edit > Preferences > Type > Text Engine settings of Photoshop From Middle Eastern to East Asian, I can see the glyphs when I rewrite the text (not on the text previously written) but I lose the right-to-left writing feature:

Screen shot of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Part-2:

Third Screenshot

Some additional files that might be relevant:

The keyboard layout can be downloaded on my dropbox from here:


(foreign characters not recognised by SE, but copy-and-pasting the link works)

The font file turkic.tff can be downloaded on my dropbox from here. (license not specified)

Can anybody help me to make Adobe Photoshop display the characters as I want them, from right-to-left?

  • Adobe software is often rubbish for all right-to-left languages unless you bought the Middle East edition, unfortunately, but there are ways to work around it - do any of the answers to this question about Arabic help? - Commented Jul 18, 2013 at 15:01
  • 1
    The main problem is when I activate Middle East option the glyphs can not be seen. Becaouse the "Old Turkic" in Unicode standard is defined in the "Central Asian" group. But it is written right-to-left. When I activate "East Asion" options I can see the glyphs but without right-to-left writing. ???? Commented Jul 18, 2013 at 15:09

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I have something like this in my blog. It's a photoshop script that repairs text layers written in Arabic or Ottoman which writes from right to left. It is for Arabic or Ottoman language, but I hope it will work on Göktürk language.

You can download it from here.


It's a good question. I think it's not the problem of language but problem is in your Photoshop Software.

On the other hand, I have noticed in your screen shot when you type on Illustrator then you select your Local front but when you type in Photoshop then you are not. It cloud be a problem.

And finally when you Solve your software problem then you can type easily in Photoshop & select the front and chose the alignment as your wish.

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