I am trying to resize this image:

enter image description here

The image is 73x44 and I would like to resize it down to 53x32.

First, I tried using Photoshop CS6 with different resampling algorithms using the Image size dialog:

Bicubic automatic: enter image description here

Bicubic: enter image description here

Bilinear: enter image description here

Nearest neighbor: enter image description here

They all look pretty bad, especially that the border on the left, right and bottom are more pronounced, but the border on top has almost disappeared.

I then tried picresize and the result was pretty good and did not have that much distortion: enter image description here

What settings should I adjust in Photoshop to be able to yield the same resize quality as picresize?


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It usually is hard trying to adjust pixels that small. After creating a lot of eCommerce site designs I decided to create every credit card in an Illustrator template so that I could scale it for such a purpose and reuse it as I see fit.

If you are worried about quality re-creating the credit card would be your best option. There is two ways you can do this.

  1. Entirely in Illustrator (the best choice).
  2. Using Photoshop but with an .eps Visa logo (example below).

Photoshop Tutorial:

  1. Create the desired finish size.
  2. Download the Visa logo as an .eps. I prefer and found all the logos at Logoeps.com and I used this Visa Logo.
  3. Create a layer and add the credit card above.
  4. Lock layer with credit card.
  5. Create a new layer.
  6. Place guides for the correct scaling of the logo and resize the .eps logo.
  7. Create a new layer and place that layer below the .eps logo.
  8. With the rounded rectangle tool create the background.
  9. Use the color picker tool and grab the top and bottom colors and add them to your swatch palette. Also use the color picker tool and grab the blue Visa color.
  10. Go to blending options > gradient and add the top and bottom colors, make sure to use the Linear Gradient. That should create the gradient needed.
  11. Go to stroke use the Visa color you previously selected and set it to 1 px for the size and change the position to inside.
  12. Unlock the last layer with the image we used as a template.
  13. Delete the image layer.

You should have nice Visa credit card.

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