I want this glyph to resemble a sort of elongated ^ shape (it was originally an accented A... Á).

I've deleted its vertical bar, but now it's completely filled in with black as you can see.

glyph close up

How can I just join those three points to form a ^?


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The program is trying to make a "cut" using the three interior nodes marked as red, but cannot complete the action because the cut is not inside the glyph.

Delete the 3 red nodes, make 3 new nodes along the bottom edge, and then drag them into position. You may be able to do this by only deleting the top-most red node and making just one new node at bottom-center to drag back up.

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It is hard to tell, but it looks like you have three contours left. The accent and two that once represented the A. You need to have only two.

I think it is easiest if you start all over and make sure you don't remove points you wish to keep. The manual has a lot of information about how to manipulate points. See the online manual: http://www.high-logic.com/fontcreator/manual7/simpleglyphsintroduction.html

Alternatively you can add points to the outer contour of the A, and remove the inner contour.


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