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Image should be replaced without pasting image or grouping to the below as grouping remains the previous image.


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To copy the mask (from the blue image) onto the layer with the green image:

  1. Select the layer with the green image
  2. Ctrl + Click on the mask from the blue layer
  3. Click the Add Vector Mask icon at the bottom of the layers palette (that will create a mask that matches the first one.)
  4. Hide or delete the layer with the blue image.
  • Copy the green image to new layer.
  • Click and drag the mask from the blue image layer to the green image layer
  • Delete blue image layer.

I just did cntrl+click to select the image, the pressed delete. I then copied my new image and pasted it into the layer where I did the delete. Then I just had to drag and size it to taste. The mask remained as originally set.

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