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I am attempting to experiment with different colours for the grey, orange and pink areas of this image. They all appear with no separation on a single layer.

So far I've tried selecting and separating them on to their own layers, then adjusting the hue/saturation of those layers. This did not work, however, as I only succeeded in adjusting the entire image.

What's the easiest way to accomplish this? Is there a easier way than using hue/saturation and adjustment layers? I can't quite figure out how the resulting colours correspond, so it would be easier if I could select the colours I wished to use directly...

Thank you in advance.

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You could use an Adjustment Layer to adjust the hue and saturation non-destructively:

hsi adjustment layer

To confine the effects of an adjustment layer to specific image layers, select the image layers, choose Layer > New > Group From Layers, and change the Mode from Pass Through to any other blending mode. Then place the adjustment layer at the top of the layer group.

Help Docs: Photoshop / Adjustment and fill layers

  • Thanks for this, it seemed to work. That said, is adjusting the hue on separate layers the best way to accomplish what I am trying to do? I'm not familiar with adjustments layers and can't really seem to get the hang of the hue-colour relationship. Would there be a way to do it by using hex codes or directly selecting the colours, for example? Thank you. Commented Aug 8, 2013 at 13:21
  • @zakgottlieb you could alternatively do a Color Overlay as a Layer Style and set the Blend Mode to Color (or something besides Normal that works for you)
    – JohnB
    Commented Aug 8, 2013 at 14:05

I would recommend JohnB's approach as the best approach, but an interesting alternative is to use the color range to mask the buttons, accessed through SelectColor Range...

Because these are really distinct bright colors color range does a good job of selecting the specific colors you want. You would have to set the tolerance somewhat low and Shift+Select different colors in the image. This creates a selection of your buttons. You could then create a copy of the layer and use the selection as mask. I would feather the mask slightly in the Properties window as well.

Color Range

You could then use the Channel Mixer and your masked layer as a clipping mask for the adjustment

Channel Mixer

As you can see some of the value is being lost in the midtones, but it is still pretty neat if you ask me.


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