I work with PSDs that have the same layout frequently. I need to extract a few areas in each, and these areas are always the same. Same position, same size.

I know I can save a selection, but I was wondering if I can pull that selection into the next PSD I work with.

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Saved selections are merely alpha channels in Photoshop.

saved selection

You can copy channels between files by simply dragging the alpha channel from the Channels Panel of the old document to the window of the new document. This will create a new alpha channel in the new document. The selections will then appear in Select > Load Selection.... If your documents are the same dimensions, the alpha channels will be in the same position in both documents. Holding down the Shift when dragging ensures the dragged channel is placed in the same relative position as the old channel if the two documents are different dimensions.

Another method is to simply Right-Click/Control-Click the alpha channel and choose Duplicate Channel... from the contextual menu. When the duplicate options dialog pops up, select the document you want to duplicate the channel to and hit OK.

duplicate channel


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