I've been learning InDesign, got all the basics now, but now Ive moved onto learning about how to put adverts together. (http://www.slideshare.net/AleaseMichelle/creating-an-magazine-ad-with-adobe-indesign is what I used on how to create adverts).

My question is on InDesign and putting together adverts; how many magazines still use in-house advertisements (I've created two fictional magazines - a news magazine A4 size, like Time magazine (mainly a magazine - I used an InDesign tutorial on InDesign basics for this) and a car magazine, like this one is. I did look up on Google, but am not sure about some things ..

With regard to the second link, do you think that was in-house ads or templates, or probably just PDF files?

This is not for a project, it's solely for learning purposes, there is no individual requesting the adverts.

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oh my gods yes. There are always holes to fill, bits which fall between the cracks (one-eights or one-sixteenths or a weird L-shaped space), advertisers who pull out at the last second, specialized publications to promote (college guide, best-of-locale issue, wedding book), and actual services which need to be advertised (subscription rollovers, upcoming special issues, classified sections).

Magazines and newspapers categorically run house ads.

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