I have a physical object that has a really nice, unique texture and I would like to duplicate that texture digitally for overlays (2D or 3D). What steps do I need to take to accomplish that? What things do I need to watch out for or really pay attention to when doing this?

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The Photoshop CS5 solution: 1. Take a photograph. 2. Edit the picture, making selections and filling them using the "Content-Aware" to make it seamless. 3. Use Filter/Other/Offset and set the offset to whatever is 50% of height and width (ex. +50, +50). 4. Use Clone Tool to take away all seems. 5. Use Offset once again, this time with negative digits, -50, -50 to reset the texture.

Edges should now be seamless and the texture ready to apply. Use bigger images to make patterns less noticeable.

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