How do I make this picture white on transparent background and keep it's semitransparent parts -

enter image description here

(Background is already transparent).


Simply add a Color Overlay Layer Style and set that to white.

  • Highlight the layer in the Layers Panel
  • Choose Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay
  • Click the little color box in the Color Overlay dialog and set it to white
  • Click OK
  • dude, I have no such submenu - Layer Style o_O. Google says that I have to install some plugins for it... – scythargon Sep 30 '13 at 18:30
  • It's there in any standard installation of Photoshop since version 5. – Scott Sep 30 '13 at 19:01


  • select Color to Alpha from the Layer Transparency or from the Color menu

  • open the color picker by clicking on the color bar next to From:

  • choose the appropriate color you want to transform to alpha

    enter image description here Blue will make the background fully transparent, light-blue areas around the white element will be semi-transparent.

    enter image description here Dark red will make a semi-transparent blue background. But red elements in a picture will be made transparent too.

The effect you want to achieve is a bit unclear, as the image you posted did not have any transparency.

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