Is there a way in Inkscape to set the boundaries of the svg file the way they would be set if you export as a bitmap?

I want that there's no whitespace above, beneath, right or left of the object that I select.


In the latest version of Inkscape (0.92.2 at this time), you can go to EditResize Page to Selection or press Ctrl+Shift+R.

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    Can you add the exact version number instead of "the latest"? – usr2564301 Dec 16 '18 at 13:33

To modify the document bounding box:

  1. Go to FileDocument Properties... (or press Shift +Ctrl + D)
  2. In the Custom size area on the Page tab, expand Resize Page to content... (or press Alt + Z)
  3. Click the Resize page to drawing or selection button (or press Alt + R)

You can add margins if you like

Document properties dialog

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    This post should be straight copypasted into Inkscape tips. – mystrdat Mar 13 '17 at 16:59

Another way is to make a keyboard shorcut by going to Edit -> Preferences -> Interface -> Keyboard Shorcuts and searching for


You should find the "Fit Page to Selection Or Drawing" there.

Left click the shortcut column (blank space) to assign a shortcut.

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