Is it possible to open a .jpg in Fireworks so that the canvas size will automatically fit it?

At the moment I have to get the dimensions of the image, create a canvas of this size and then drag the image into it. It's just one of those little annoying things, but it all adds up...!

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Fireworks always opens .jpg files and all other bitmap formats, with a canvas that fits exactly to image dimensions. The canvas can only be different for editable vector formats like it's native .fw.png (just .png for earlier versions) and some others like Photohop .psd.

Auto fit

If you want canvas dimensions to match all content (bitmap/vector or anything) there is a 1-click button: Deselect anything (for ex. click outside canvas), and then click Fit Canvas in the Properties panel.

This works also perfectly if you are trying to import .jpg files on existing canvases by dragging the file in it, pasting it, etc.

New image

When you are creating a new image, I suggest to copy the bitmap to the clipboard. If you do this, when you create a new canvas File > New, the dimension fields will already be filled for you.

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