Is it possible to add some (controllable amount of) noise to a path with Inkscape? When creating a fictional map, I would like to add rivers with the bezier tool, drawing the general shape, and then add some noise to make it look more realistic.

I have had a look at the different filters and effects, and no one seems appropriate (but I might have overlooked the right one).

  • Have you tried to convert the path into a shape and then add a filter like this: Filters->distort->Torn edges?
    – user17662
    Nov 18 '13 at 9:20

In case you still need to know or someone else needs to know. There is a tool in Extensions > Modify Path > Fractalize. It can make a map in 5 minutes(ish)

  1. Create your ground formation
  2. Select all the land masses and go to Extensions > Modify Path > Add Nodes (not too many, they will help keep the the land formation) I just used it to make the nodes about the same distance apart so that one side is not a higher resolution.
  3. With the land masses selected, go to Extensions > Modify Path > Fractalize.

    I would recommend using layers for map details like rivers, rocks and trees. Go to Layers > Layers or Ctrl+Shift+L.

    In the right side of the screen the layers should popup, add one, and use it.

  4. Draw the bodies of water

  5. Then Add Nodes and Fractal a little.

  6. Then adjust the rivers to make sure they line up, and Fractal again.

Add some color and some details and you got it!

enter image description here

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