I created a series of semi-circle paths in Illustrator and linked them together using the Threaded Text function. Using the Type on a Path options, I was able to flip the direction of the text to the order I'd like. But I would like to flip the order of the path, all together. Right now, the type begins at the outside of the circle and works its way inwards. I want the type to start on the inside of the circle and work its way outwards. How would I accomplish this?

Here's what my path looks like:

Threaded type path

Again, I want the type to start at the top of the rings, not at the bottom.


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The order of the threaded text objects is controlled by the stacking order of the objects themselves.

The backmost object is used first in the thread. The frontmost object is used last in the thread. So, to reverse the order of the text threading, reverse the stacking of the thread objects. Simply highlight the objects in the Layer Panel and choose Reverse Order from the Layer Panel menu.

You MUST set the stacking order BEFORE you add text threading. This is the annoying aspect of it. If you've already created the threaded text object and added type, it won't reverse. You have to set up the stacking order before ever converting things to threaded text objects. If you've already got text and threading in place, I'm unaware of any command which will reverse the threading after the fact. Such a command may exist, I just don't know about it.


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