Per a similar question asked, Can I Put my logo on an outputted PDF?, I was familiar with the Acrobat process to create watermarks. However, I was curious if you created a non-printable layer within InDesign (and we have a question on creating non-printable layers in InDesign, How do I make non-printable template instructions in InDesign?) will that non printable layer still export to a .pdf file and will the .pdf file in Acrobat preserve the non-printable layer? I find it hard to test this based on the printer settings but I dont want to test this on a plate maker. On an Epson printer it appears to work but I am curious to know if anyone has experienced this when plate making or during a burn for a screen.


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If you set an object in Indesign to non-printing, then export to PDF, the object is not present in the PDF.

It's not hidden or otherwise embedded in the PDF and simply not there.

Non-printing object are truly not there and will not print from the PDF.

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