How do I get the following shadow effect pls? In my image, I tried to add shadows and increased the size of the shadows. No avail. :(

I want to get the shadow/smoky effect that is present in the borders of the red and green portions. I think I can somehow get the drop shadow effect of the Christmas trees. Even the green portion has a smoky shadow effect. Would love to reproduce the effect.

enter image description here


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The edge effect is called a vignette.

You can simply draw a radial gradient on a layer...


You could also use the Inner Glow layer style on a layer.

The tree shadow is simply a large Drop Shadow layer style.

Or for more complex methods, Google will turn up hundreds of tutorials. The first few Google results....





  • The 2nd link (tv.adobe.com) had a nice video on how to do it. How do I post the image that I worked on? :)
    – sammydude
    Commented Oct 27, 2013 at 19:17

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