I am a developer not a designer, thus am not particularly familiar with photoshop, and may subsequently get some of my terms incorrect.

I have a PSD that contains several layers outlining the design of a website. One of the layers is a cropped jpeg. The jpeg has also had some filters added to it...

I would like to export this layer, however, I need it in as high resolution as possible. I do not want it the same size as the layer appears in my psd, I need it the same size as it appear when I double click on it, whilst also maintaining the filters and croppings...

Is this possible or do I have to export the full size image and then apply the filters and cropping myself?


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I don't think there's an easy method to do this.

If the Smart Object has Smart Filters applied to it, that means you can double-click the filter item in the Layer Panel and see the settings.

smart Filters

Your best bet would be to open the smart object and copy/paste or duplicate its contents to a new document. Then go through the smart Filters noting the settings for each filter and reapply those filters to the duplicated image.

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