What distinguishing characteristics apply to the concept art industry that separate it from from other related fields of graphic art, design, and illustration?

What are the unique educational elements specifically well suited to this industry?

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I couldn't improve on the succinct Wikipedia article. There is an active website devoted to the the subject here.

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Just to give you some light..

Before anything gets created, concepts have to be made so that they can finally become reality, concept art is a subgenre of illustration where the artwork is not intended to be a final product, but a step towards a larger final product. Typically, concept art is not as finished or polished as illustrations.

the main difference Concept comes first and than it move to the original product with the help of other graphic tools/software

As i design sites i have to think how to show navigation,page block, which elements to take place and all so this thinking process is in short is a concept how differently you can attract other with unique idea(concept)

Concept Art involves talent, skill, dexterity and a visual eye.

A great Discussion on Concept Art as Art?.

for this field all you have to be good in idea, concept, drawing,

Check these links..Carefully your answer is there :

For more Please check Concept art official site.

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