I'm trying to identify the fonts used in the attached images.

I suspect that the Japanese sample is a Dynacomware font, but I don't see a match on FontShop. I think it’s been discontinued by the company or something. I have no idea about the chinese sample. Does anybody know what they are?

Actual Japanese Text: ネズミどものにおいは確かに不快で強烈だったが、その食欲のすさまじさには比べるべくもなかった。

Japanese Sample Chinese Sample


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Well I started by paging through all of the non-western fonts on FontShop.com. The best thing about that is being able to "preview" the text, so reference between my image and the site is much easier. Unfortunately, no luck.

I ended up finding my answer on the What the Font Forum. I was lucky that a Japanese typographer was browsing the forum at the time. He identified these as 新正楷書CBSK1 by Morisawa and DF Fang Song by DynaComware.

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