I've designed a perspective view in which i show off my business card design. To make it realistic I want to use lightning conditions effectively.

In some Cards I they use beautiful frosted glossy reflections. here I'm giving you a link of an image. You will then understand what I need to know.

Check Out this: http://uflix.co.in/reflection.png


Currently I use Photoshop CS6 and here is what I've done till now: http://uflix.co.in/my-reflection.png

I need perfect visual appeal to my cards' design.


Instead of using a gradient as a layer, use a layer mask with a distorted border.

Create a layer mask

enter image description here

Blur the edges

enter image description here

Distort the mask

enter image description here

Adjust layer opacity and blending. By using the 'Blend If...' Feature, you can knock out the edges of the card easily.

enter image description here

Clean up your mask edges, and adjust your lighting layer's colors

enter image description here

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