So in my spare time I like working with fonts. During the creation process it's hard to remember all the possible features offered by Opentype at one time. What's a good resource (maybe a primer of some sort) on using Opentype features during font creation?


OpenType is a font format jointly developed by Microsoft and Adobe as an extension to Apple's TrueType font format.

And please check these links:

  1. OpenType Font language support table from the PDF leaflet for your handy reference
  2. What is open type
  3. OpenType Tips, Techniques, and Resources
  4. Beginners Guide to OpenType
  5. OpenType Font Features

Hope they're helpful.

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    +1 for the link to Anne-Marie's Designgeek site. She's one of my favorite people and almost a Natural Resource in the InDesign/InCopy world. :-) – Alan Gilbertson Jun 22 '11 at 5:16

The tutorial materials for FontForge include a good introduction to opentype and a fairly comprehensive reference table of OTF features.

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