Ive got about 15 folders (groups) in a .psd file each folder has multiple layers, together each folder makes one retouched and editted image, im aware of the export layers to files script, but is there a way to export each folder as a file ?


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A quick and dirty way is to run this script on the document:

for (var i = app.activeDocument.layerSets.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {

...and then use the export_layers_to_files.jsx script you already talked about.

This will take the top most Layer Groups, and merge them into a Layer named whatever the group was named. The second script will take those layers and export files however you want.

NOTE: This will only merge TOP LEVEL GROUPS. Groups within groups will not be treated separately.

The two scripts could be combined, but it depends on how often you need to run it.

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