Fireworks used to have System Anti-Alias in the options, why is it not there anymore? Does anyone have a solution for it?

I found these interesting links but no solution

And the only one with a partial solution (but not working fine for me)

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As a heavy user of all latest Fireworks versions I couldn't find this feature up to current CS6 version. I think it has something to do with the fact that ClearType is a patented Microsoft technology.

In addition to your links, this thread on Adobe forum has some tips how to simulate system anti-aliasing in Fireworks. You can tune Fireworks styles to match system anti-aliasing by hand, but you can not make it look exactly the same, because:

1) ClearType is more than only anti-aliasing. ClearType has a sub-pixel rendering feature that makes vector lines of the font look more aligned to the pixel grid. Fireworks doesn't do this.

enter image description here

2) The sub-pixel rendering also differs per rendering engine that is used, for example: GDI and DirectWrite on Windows

enter image description here

Both use ClearType in the above image.

3) The anti-aliasing properties of ClearType are dynamic (configurable) and vary from system to system. You can change how ClearType looks within your Windows OS.

  • Thanks, the answer is super complete to understand better the problem, And I don't want to reproduce exactly the System ClearType, I know it depends on the system you are using, but Fireworks is a complete solution for designing Web/Mobile applications, there should be a plug-in or a better workaround to achieve it
    – ppollono
    Dec 18, 2013 at 12:09

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