I have two lines at different angles and I want to get a corner from each line to be in the exact same position. Here's a visual:

enter image description here

The general problem is that I'd like these two lines to appear perfectly flush and and joined. Maybe there is a better overall way to accomplish this.

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  1. Join the end anchor points of the paths creating a corner, if that's what you want. (Object > Path...)
  2. Expand the strokes to shapes then using the Direct Selection tool, line up the sides of the shapes. (Object > Expand...)
  3. At times, setting the end caps of the strokes to rounded (in the Stroke Panel) will make the strokes appear to connect. This is not always a solution since end caps cna easily overlap other strokes.

Select both lines or points, Go to "Stroke" and press on Round CAP and Round Corner, if the lines not match perfect, expand them -> Unite and delete undesirable anchor points

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