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This seems to be a recurring problem when cutting shapes directly in half when using Illustrator's 'Divide' tool. While the shape may look ok in the program itself when I output it as a png or reduce it to a smaller size in a raster-based program like Photoshop a white line appears right down the middle. Is there a better technique to avoid this?

enter image description here

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  • Your image isn't aligned to the pixel grid. So that line is what photoshop/illustrator is making that is between the yellow and grey. – OghmaOsiris Dec 25 '13 at 20:35

@Carl Edwards you first select the shape and add the color yellow to it then duplicate it (ctrl+c > ctrl+f) and change the color of the second copy to grey then use the divide tool to cut the grey shape in half and finally delete the left part of it

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