I typed a short piece of text in GIMP, then I want to fix the kerning manually so I want to move the letters closer to each other. But when I select the "move" tool and click on the appropriate part of the image, I only seem to be able to move the entire layer. How do I select a certain part of the image and move it manually?

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Selecting Text Layers in Gimp

Text is represented in an own layer each until we decide to merge layers down. To quickly select a given Layer, or in this case text, I ususally open the "Layers" dialog, accessible from Ctrl + L, or the Windows > Dockable Dialogs menu.

There we can select any layer to then use any available transform tool on it such as Move, Scale, Transform, etc.:

enter image description here

Make a selection float

In case we need to transform or move a selection of an image we can choose Select > Float or press ShiftCtrl + L. The area selected will now float as a new layer over the background. This floating selection can also be transformed as shown below:

enter image description here

  • Thanks, I just realized though that this doesn't answer my question! I don't want to move the entire text box, just the individual letter. As in, I want to select an arbitrary rectangle in the image and move it around. How do I do this?
    – Sid
    Commented Dec 27, 2013 at 19:32
  • @Sid: see edit - is this what you need?
    – Takkat
    Commented Dec 27, 2013 at 20:44

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