I want to have a bezier curve with a double line stroke. The LinkedOffset option for paths, when I apply it to an unclosed bezier curve, creates a linked offset object that is closed - ie, it draws a direct line from the end of the curve to the start that I don't want.

Is there another way, or something I'm missing about this closure line?

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I'm not sure of what you want, but you maybe you can:

  • draw a single line, with a large width (like 5px)
  • then convert it to a path (Menu Path -> Stroke to Path),
  • then remove the fill color, and set a stroke color,
  • reset stroke with to 1px
  • and remove the "caps".




  • That's much simpler than the linked offset hack, awesome. I'll have to play with it later, thanks!
    – Mikeb
    Jan 2, 2014 at 14:16

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