I just finished designing a piece which is 90%+ photography. In PSD, I had to touch up the photos and do sharpening, brightening, etc. Then I put small text captions on top of the photos. Rather than switch over to InDesign for these few lines of text, I just put the text on in Photoshop.

I was trying to figure out how to have the piece printed without getting blurry (rasterized) text. What I did was, I converted my text layer to Smart Object, thus supposedly preserving its clean "vector" nature. The resolution of the file is over 300 ppi. I hope this will do the trick? What do you think of working with text in PSD this way? I know it's 'lazy', but for something like this, I'm hoping it would be ok?

Normally for a piece with a lot of text, I just work in InDesign. But since this was mainly a collection of photos with some captions, I wanted to stay in Photoshop and not have to be hopping back and forth between the 2 programs.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts about this way of working with text in PSD!

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    Not sure I understand. Text remains live and vector in .psd and .pdf formats. Can't you simply save the file (or any file) as a .psd? Or for output, a .pdf. There doesn't really seem to be any benefit to adding the additional, superfluous, smart object. For the record everything is always rasterized when printed, even from vector applications. All printers are raster based postscript printers use a Raster Image Processor (RIP) to convert everything to raster for output. – Scott Jan 9 '14 at 2:01
  • Thanks Scott! Sending text in PSD, options were a)rasterize type (people advise not to) b) send live text in PSD file & attach fonts (I have had type 'move' when I get the proof) c) convert type to vector, similar to the "create outlines" in AI. Sometimes I design packaging in AI (printer send me their vector template) and I normally convert my type to outline* before submitting to printer (*last step, I never scale the type after that) Is creating a smart object from my type in PSD kind of like the PSD equivalent of option "c"? Just curious. Would be useful it it was true! – Harriet Jan 10 '14 at 14:58
  • And I've heard that "save as Photoshop PDF" embeds your text as text (not turned into pixels)...would this be a better option? But I've had color shifts with PDF (due to image compression). Aaugh I think I am asking: What is the best way to submit a PSD file with text in it, to the printer - so photos print beautifully and type prints clean/sharp? – Harriet Jan 10 '14 at 15:05

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