I'm looking for a font similar to Fight-this with Polish characters (Latin).

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If you don't know the history of this font, it's tied to the 1999 movie "Fight Club":

Fight Club movie poster

The font says that version 2.0 was released by Apostrophic Labs in 2000 and according to this source of unknown repute it was first released in 1999.

So, it's reasonable to say that there's probably no version of this with Polish characters around. Here are a few options:

  • Embedded in the font file (at least the one that is available from the moorstation.org link I included) is a copyright notice that includes an e-mail address. You can e-mail them and ask!
  • You could theoretically modify the font yourself using a free tool like FontForge. Not for the faint of heart and this might create legal issues, though.
  • Use an alternate, like you asked. League Gothic comes to mind because it has regular and narrow oblique variants:

League Gothic demonstration

Another option would be something like DIN Condensed Italic:

DIN Demonstration

Basically, any sturdy sans-serif where you can get a "Condensed Bold Italic" variant. Experiment and see what works. The stuff like the modified "B", "G", "R", and "D" you can probably do pretty easily in Illustrator.

  • I knew history of font, just was looking for something similar I'll probably use League Gothic as you sugessted. Thanks.
    – akuzma
    Jan 15, 2014 at 15:07

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