I believe it's easy to do, but I am missing some details. Somehow, my results are not what I'd wanted them to look like.

  • How to draw illustrational lines? (Think of the lines from Windows Vista login screen, for example.)
  • … and how to crossfade the created image with another image?

This is what I'm trying to achieve:

fade and lines example

Other example of lines I'd like to draw (and later fade over some image):

lines example


The fade is best done using masking. (The example you gave actually has some poor cloning in it, but that's irrelevant)

Basically: 1) Create a new layer mask

2) Select the gradient tool (G)

3) Drag out your gradient, make sure it's the "black to transparent" gradient.

Here's an image: enter image description here

As for the line, I recommend just using the pen tool. If you want your lines to "fade out" just use masking! It looks like you're doing a great job already :]


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