Let say I have 3 shapes in illustrator: A, B and C. I would like A to overlap B, B to overlap C and C to overlap A. How can I do that?


You have to "cheat". If it's a simple enough object, I would just duplicate shape C, bring it to the top, and use a Clipping Mask to cover up everything but the intersection.

To do so, create a shape with no fill or stroke around the intersection (can be any shape but I'm using a rectangle for demonstration):

Illustrator Screenshot

Select both your empty shape and the duplicated object that should overlap and do Object → Clipping Mask → Make

Illustrator Screenshot


Another way you could achieve this overlapping effect would be to use the shape builder tool. You would create your shapes in the position you would like. I will use the example like @JohnB's.

  1. Select all of the shapes that are interacting.
  2. Select the Shape Builder Tool. (Shift-M)
  3. Click and drag on the areas you wish to overlap. You will notice a mesh area like the one in the picture. In the example below I highlighted the areas I clicked and dragged with red arrows.
  4. The end result will appear the same as @JohnB's example.

Keep in mind that using this method will break apart the original shapes and you should consider this in case you want to revisit positioning at a later time, etc. In that case @JohnB's approach would best fit because it retains the integrity of the shape within a clipping mask.

Using the Shape Builder Tool

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