Could anyone determine this font used for categories in the picture below?

I used www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont, but didn't succeed in font identification. This service has showed wrong font-families. enter image description here

Thank in advance.

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This is Mouse Deco by Steve Ferrera.

Mouse Deco Sample


I recognized it as an "Art Deco" style font, so I started by browsing the deco tag at MyFonts. Since aestet reported that WhatTheFont didn't work, I suspected that it was because the font was non-commercial so I instead searched for "deco" at dafont and found it right away.

When searching, it helps to look for glyphs that had very unique qualities. In this case, the E has a tie that is hanging low, the Q's tail crosses the circle, and the M's vertex is on the baseline with sloped verticals. Those are the three glyphs I focused on to weed out the "similar" matches from the exact one


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