I just purchased a font and now they are saying I need to go to Illustrator and go to my "glyphs" to get the "extras" of the font.... well I dont have Illustrator... nor do I know wth glyphs are?!

Anyone know if ps6 has glyphs? the font is purchased was: https://creativemarket.com/L_Worthington/12122-Charcuterie-Cursive

  • CC has a glyph panel, CS6 does not.
    – arkon
    Mar 30, 2017 at 9:29

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A "glyph" is merely the term for a specific character in a font file.

Photoshop, unlike other Adobe applications, has no Glyph panel. While it can display and utilize glyphs if they are present, there is no way to access a specific glyph from within Photoshop.

Both Illustrator and InDesign have Glyph Panels which allow you to see and access all glyphs present in a font.

So the short answer.... Photoshop has no way to access glyphs.


There are also many freeware/shareware apps which can show the glyphs in a font file. To utilize a specific glyph in Photoshop, you need to find an app, any app, that allows you to see the glyphs. Then simply copy/paste the glyph from that app to Photoshop.

You may already possess an app capable of showing the glyphs. For example, you can use Insert > Symbol in MicrosoftWord to view the glyphs in a font. Word simply refers to them as "Symbols". Then copy/paste the one you want into Photoshop.


As stated, there is no Glyphs menu in Photoshop.
However, there are OS system tools you can use to get these characters out of a font file.

Windows has a Character Map utility that you can use to copy right from that program, into a text box within Photoshop. To access the Character map you go to...
Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools:

enter image description here

And here is a link to how to access the equivalent on a Mac.

Hope this helps a bit.


If using a Mac, the easiest way to find the glyph you require is to use the application Font Book (included in the standard installation of OSX)

Choose View > Repertoire from the application menu and select the font to display all characters included.

Click to select any of the displayed glyphs and copy/paste back into Photoshop

Font Book screenshot

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