How do I remove the shadow in this photo?

I tried fuzzy select on my actual image, the object has grey elements that make it difficult to distinguish properly. I can do by parts, but the real background also is grained due to the photo quality, and I don't know what operation to use to impose similar grain on the removed region.


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You could use the path tool to go around the shadow area, convert the path to a selection and fill it with white.


Really, all you can do is zoom in and use a brush on a mask. There's not any automated method I've found, in any application, which will do an adequate job. You need to do it manually.

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    For a cleaner edge, you might be better off using a vector mask in this case. It may also be quicker as it is a very strong shape and edge.
    – John
    Mar 10, 2014 at 15:56

The jpeg compression makes this image tricky to deal with using channel selections or color range. Although the blue channel is quite promising, the shadows close to the fruit are too close in tonal range to make that a useful option.

When you're making a selection to isolate part of an image, the image itself gives you the clue to what will be the best method. In this case, the edges are very smooth, clean and well defined. The best method would be to use the Path tool to outline the fruit and leaves, then turn that into a selection.

Photoshop has a selection tool that works very well in this instance because of the clearly-defined edges of the image, the Magnetic Lasso Tool, which lives under the regular Lasso Tool. In theory, the Gimp's "intelligent" Scissors Selection tool should do the same thing, but it doesn't quite have the smarts to make an accurate edge selection.

The Fuzzy selection tool works reasonably well if you turn on Add mode, set the threshold to around 25 and work carefully. Clean up using the Lasso tool in Subtract mode.

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To remove background from this image, you can try to use PhotoScissors, here is tutorial: http://www.photoscissors.com/how-to-remove-background-from-photo.html

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  • Remembering that although the question if for "GIMP" not "Photoshop" - GIMP also features a Scissors tool, so the tutorial might help.
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