So basically, I want to edit my image (which was designed by a close friend of mine) to change my glasses from white color, to black instead. I've tried editing the hue/saturation but failed to achieve the effect.

this is the image ...

I want to learn how to do it in Photoshop. Your kind advice would be greatly appreciated :) Still relatively new to the program and learning.

Much thanks!

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I grabbed a screen shot of your image, and then pulled it into Photoshop. By using the wand with a tolerance of 32 I was able to select nearly all of the white. I then created a new layer above the image, and painted within the selection I just made so you had a new layer of black for the glasses. I then added a stroke to that layer (to help cover any missed single pixel white spots) and adjusted the stroke to be 1px, black, multiply, and 80%. I came out with this result:

enter image description here

It isn't 100% perfect, but it isn't bad considering it was less than 5 minutes of effort.


First, looks great. Second, It probably wont be as easy as a filter, you will probably need to do a little bit of manual editing.

A couple ways to do it might be, and im sure there are plenty more.

  1. Using the pencile/paintbrush to draw over it in black, on another layer, and set the ocupancy to like 75, so it bleeds the other layers through.

  2. Use the selection tool/ magic wand and select the white, then do the hue filter like you wanted.


The most automated, non-destructive way of doing this that I can think of is to:

  1. First limit your selection to roughly around the glasses like I did with this marquee selection.
  2. Then goto Select > Colour Range
  3. Add and remove colours from the selection with the dropper tools. (You should only need to select the white of the glasses in this instance)

Colour Range

  1. With your new selection create an adjustment layer, I used Hue Saturation but you could use a few others and achieve the same effect.

Fill and Adjustment layer

  1. If you aren't happy with the result you can add or subtract from the layer mask in a variety of ways including:
    • "Refining the Edge" which can be access from right clicking the mask in the layers panel.
    • Expanding or contracting the selection
    • or more simply by painting values directly on to the mask layer.

Final Result

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