I'm a programmer doing a client project, and I'm trying to write an app that will do this effect to user-uploaded images. I think it's some combination of Find edges, Blur and some other filters, but I'm not sure. Anyone have any ideas?

Original: Original: Original

Result: Result:



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To be able to script a user uploaded image to add an effect we may want to have a look at command line scriptable tools rather than a full blown image editing soft.

A quite versatile command line processing tools is ImageMagick which also comes with a variety of artistic filters we can combine for impressive effects.

Below example was quickly created using the -paint option:

convert <infile> -paint 6 <outfile>

enter image description here

ImageMagick is a free Open Source software available for (almost) all platforms.


Try looking for watercolor filter tutorial though the internet.

For example -




or number5 here -


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