Sometimes, when I'm drawing a vector path with the pen tool, I need to drag the line further than I have screen space, and this makes the screen scroll down, which makes me lose focus on what I'm looking at.

Is there a keyboard shortcut or some way to prevent the screen from automatically scrolling downward (or whatever direction) and just allow me to drag it as far as I want?

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What I tend to do is if I notice my path is beyond the window I hold Spacebar to move my window around without losing the ability to add on to my pen path. When you hold down Spacebar a small hand should appear while it's head down and once you let go the pen tool will come back.


No. Sorry Illustrator provides no feature to prevent scrolling. You may find the Navigator Panel helpful however.


I`m having the same problem, maybe this will help:

  1. Just deselect your object
  2. Zoom out a bit or scroll down
  3. Then select pen tool again and
  4. Continue at the last anchor point

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