I am trying to recreate this artwork in Photoshop.

enter image description here

I am not sure how to create the lines moving toward the tool nor how to create the lighter color around the tool. How would I do this?


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This can be done in Illustrator with the blend tool. You just need a starting curve and an end curve and create all the lines in between with the blend tool. This can be done with lines or shapes.

Create a blend with the Blend tool Select the Blend tool . Do one of the following: To blend in sequential order with no rotation, click anywhere on each object, but avoid anchor points.

To blend to a specific anchor point on an object, click the anchor point with the Blend tool. When the pointer is over an anchor point, the pointer changes from a white square to transparent with a black dot in its center.

To blend open paths, select an endpoint on each path.

When you are finished adding objects to the blend, click the Blend tool again.

From Adobe

Tutorials here, and here


The effect you see on that promotional piece is actually being created by a Brush, not actual vector lines. There's a number of similar packs out there, but take a shot at searching for 'Grid Brush Pack', I believe we have something very similar on our machines here.

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