How to save Multiple pages as a single Portable Document Format document in Photoshop.


In CS6, go to File -> Automate -> PDF Presentation...

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In CS5 there's no Automate -> PDF Presentation

OS-X users can use Finder :

1) in Finder multi-select the .PSD files (use Option-click or Shift-click)

2) "Open with…" and select "Preview.app"

Now they will all open in one Preview window.

3) "Print…" and select "PDF" as output, which will put them all in one .PDF file

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You use Adobe Bridge (browse to images, select them, and output to PDF).

I answered the question in more detail on another stack exchange post : How to save Multiple pages as a single PDF?.

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Follow this step to export your file artboards as single pdf file. enter image description here

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