Ive got a website ive mocked up in PS ive got a range of background options which are individual layers in a folder called Backgrounds.

I want to export copies of the website but each time change the background so i have

  • website with background 1.png
  • website with background 2.png
  • website with background 3.png
  • .. etc

Is there an automated way to do this ? As ive got around 20 background options and its tedious to keep doing this by hand (im usually exporting versions when a major change is made (update to header etc))

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Check out File > Scripts > Layer Comps to Files. You can export batches of files based on layer comps that way. Layer comps need to be set up first though, but if you are repeating yourself over and over, it is the lesser of 2 evils.

If you need more control or a better automated script, you will need to write a custom script to give you that additional flexibility.

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