How can I create a photo wall effect similar to this with Photoshop CS6?

I tried with Warp, but it looks so bad and it's nowhere near comparsion. I also tried with Edit->Transform->Perspective, but then it looked more like this and not what I wanted.

I'm also trying it on a smaller image (800x415) and I have lots of thumbnails similar to the ones in the original hulu image, but I merged them into one big image with the idea that it'll be easier.


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You could also do it like this.

So I have bunch of layers that form the grid of images.

enter image description here

enter image description here

To give it flexibility, I put them into a Smart Object

enter image description here

Then from the top menu Edit > Free Transform ( ...or Windows: Ctrl+T Mac: Cmd+T )

In the Free Transform toolbar at the top, click Warp modes icon

enter image description here

On the left side, from the warp dropdown, select Bulge.

enter image description here

Add minus value to the bend, and you're pretty much done.

Make sure the orientation is correct, by clicking the Warp orientation icon on the left side of Bend. enter image description here

...at this point it looks like this enter image description here

You can also add horizontal distortion, if you want to.

enter image description here

  • Derp, I did not know the warp modes were available. Nice one May 2, 2014 at 13:52
  • +1 for using a Smart Object in your process explanation - it's a really flexible and non-destructive Photoshop method, love it. :) May 2, 2014 at 14:22

Joonas's answer is on the money, but another method is to use Distort > Displace:

The input is another .psd that acts as a displacement map. The red channel controls horizontal distortion, and green controls vertical. Neutral gray means no movement, white = up/left, black = down/right. By setting a couple of gradients across the channels you can get pretty close:

Input Displacement map:

enter image description here

Input Grid:



enter image description here

If you're willing to use Imagemagick, I recommend it. As in this question, it has a cylindrical distortion that matches what you need perfectly.


The warp is the only way you're going to get this effect. Edit -> Transform -> Warp on the image layer.

For example starting with this:


You can end up with a result like the following, using only the warp tool, you just need to get the wrap points right. Also you might need to add a dark shadow in the centre at the bend.


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