I'm creating a Fez-based HTML5 Canvas game and animating my hero image using sprite sheets. The problem is that I can't create the animation of the hero walking, don't matter how much I try, the output is a weird animation that looks like the hero is just shaking its legs. Can someone help me? You don't need to create the sprite sheet for me if you don't want, just show me what's the correct leg position. I'll post the game link in a comment because I can't post more than two links.

Note that the "hero's legs" are compound by 3 pixels each, that are 2x up scaled.

Here is the sprite sheet:


the walking animation is compound by the 6 first frames.

EDIT: If you fall in the demonstration, open the console, type localStorage.x = localStorage.y = 0; and then reload the page immediately to return to the starting point.


In the case the character's legs are just vertical triangles, I can imagine the walk only by "scissors" movement, i.e. horizontal shift of lower vertices one to another.

Your picture is very blurred, it is difficult to realise what is happening there.

Probably, it is worths to create more complicated character.

enter image description here - if you open this image in gif-editor, you can see isolated pictures creating the walk.

And...you can find thousands of tutorials via Google inserting "walking cycle" and "walking animation pictures".

  • You can click in the "Here is the sprite sheet:" title in my question to access the full-res version of the sprite (and open it in a image editor if you think that it's difficult to see the image in a white background). Anyway, thanks for your answer. May 7 '14 at 11:42

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