I am editing a game board for a word game, based on a "CC BY SA"-licensed SVG file by Denelson83:

Inkscape screenshot

When I click at a colored square and then press ctrl+D I can see the original colored square - as you can see at the above screenshot.

Editing that original object will change all its copies at the game board, which is very comfortable.

However, when I copy the original object with ctrl+C and then paste it with ctrl+V, that connection is gone. I can't press ctrl+D anymore and jump to the original object.

My question is: How to clone that colored squares and keep the connection?


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Nevermind I have found the answer: you can clone objects with alt+D and the cloned object will be placed above the original one.

Also, it is possible to relink the clones with Edit -> Clones -> Relink to Copied

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