I edit product photos that quite often involve camouflage patterns and multiple colors. I use quick selection, then modify the edges where need be with lasso tools, to remove the background (well, to make a new layer with only the subject).

Problem is, often I hold CTRL when I intended to hold SHFT, and wind up adding to a selection instead of removing, or vice versa. Since these are often complex shapes, I hate to CTRL-Z and lose the alteration.

Is there a way to invert the last selection change? So that if I accidentally subtract a complex shape when I was trying to add it, I can hit one key combo which will take the last selection that was added and instead subtract, and vice versa?

Follow-up: What's the best way to do complex selections? Hitting Q is difficult as the color cast makes things harder to see, and curves seems like it's a lot more work than I'd like. I'm using Photoshop 10/CS3.

  • Check your preferences. Ctrl-z should step back 1 step (adding the selection) not remove anything more. You may have the prefs set to step back more than 1 step. [I can't test Photoshop 10/CS3]
    – Scott
    Commented May 9, 2014 at 2:34

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More a hint, than an answer: try to use brush instead of lasso to create your quick masks.


Although I don't think there is a way to choose a previous selection change, you could assign custom Keyboard Shortcuts to each selection method and toggle on will when you run into a problem.

Learn more about assigning keyboard shortcuts here.


I personally love shortcuts because it saves time, but "alt-control-Z" is step back. You can also go to the "edit" and hit "step back". Or make sure "history" is showing up. You can step back to previous versions.

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